We consolidate ourselves as a reference in the transportation and logistics of products for the health chain.

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About us

We are a company that seeks to contribute to the development of the health system through the delivery of solutions to our clients, bringing benefits to society. We want to be recognized as the best provider of logistics solutions for the healthcare chain. Our pillars are commitment, respect, security and transparency.

Our Services


Currently, Transplex has a distribution center focused mainly on the pharmaceutical area, which has complete infrastructure for receiving and storage of air conditioning and refrigeration, as well as a complete integrated system for the control and traceability of products and processes, according to sanitary specifications.

  • Air-conditioned warehouse (up to +25°C);
  • Cold rooms with own generators;
  • Air-conditioned antechambers for entry, suitability and dispatch of products;
  • Integrated safety system;

WMS (Warehouse Management System)

Own system that controls the entire operational flow from the receiving to the shipment directly connected to the ERP interface of Transplex clients*:

  • Entry/receipt (IN);
  • Receipt confirmation;
  • Confirmation of stored / available product Orders;
  • Picking confirmation;
  • Invoice issuance;
  • Stock/inventory Cross-check and moving;
  • High flexibility for customizations.


Hospital Management

Transplex develops logistics management within the hospital, that is, carries out the planning activities of purchasing, receiving, storing, unitizing, separating and supplying all points of consumption within the hospital.

Transplex has a unique composition with excellent solutions in different segments of the logistics chain. In addition, a team of professionals trained to provide continuous improvement and cost reduction to our customers.

PWhy outsourcing the hospital logistics?

  • Reduction of items purchased without need;
  • Reduced costs, inventory, purchases and losses;
  • Traceability;
  • Support to purchases;
  • Operational synergies;
  • Elimination of lack of inputs;
  • Elimination of losses by validity;
  • Adequacy of the inventory profile to consumption and demand;
  • Product standardization



The Transplex fleet is well dimensioned and suitable for the movement of products of the pharmaceutical line and related, because its vehicles are equipped with isothermal chests and refrigerators, which maintains ideal temperature between 2 and 8 ° C, which guarantees the integrity of products in accordance with legal requirements.

The vehicles are equipped with trackers and are therefore monitored in real time for 24 hours through their own security center, which guarantees the safety of personnel and goods on board.

Committed to the quality of our services


Contribute to the healthcare system development through the delivery of solutions to our clients, bringing benefits to society.


Be recognized as the best provider of logistics solutions for the healthcare chain.


Commitment, enthusiasm and mutual respect are essential.

Security, care and cleaning are essential for our operations.

Exceeding good practices is undertaking solutions that exceed expectations.

Ethics, transparency and credibility are our foundations.

Heribaldo Egidío

President of the Executive Board
of Grupo H. Egídio.

Responsibility towards society, the environment and our commitment to quality means that Grupo Egídio, formed by the companies Equiplex, Alos, Alpha, Transplex, Farmaplex and Hospdrogas, constantly encourage projects and partnerships that value science, technology and the development of people.

In order to reach new horizons, 2016 was a year in which the group was established and continues to be in full consolidation. This fact is demonstrated by the direct employment of more than 500 employees distributed throughout the national territory and also in the U.S.A, in addition to the strong work with partners and exports to Mercosur.

Thus, with this entrepreneurial profile, Grupo H. Egídio trusts and believes that the coming years will be an expansion and acceleration of its growth, establishing the group as a highlight among the areas of transportation, manufacturing and distribution of medicines and health products, as well as always conduct their actions and guidelines guided by the ethics, professionalism and conviction that the union of all causes us to achieve a sustainable and consistent administration.


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