We do our part to make a better planet for our children and grandchildren.

Get to know some of the projects of environmental responsibility developed at Equiplex

Our social and environmental commitment

We care about the preservation, education and sustainable management of the environment, we promote environmental education through our collaborators, family and local community. Programs such as "The environment is our home" and others that involve social and environmental issues allow us to participate in the practice of minimum and effective actions for the preservation and awareness of our future.

We take care of our environment

Equiplex carries out practices for the conservation of its green area through the planting of seedlings of native species, periodically as well as the monitoring of local fauna and flora. 16% of Equiplex's land is allocated to the Permanent Preservation Area (APP). We adopt in our waste management practices that ensure recycling or final disposition co-responsible through licensed companies. From the transport to the specific treatment for each type of waste generated, the company deals with its industrial and sanitary water effluents.

Vila São Cotolengo Partner

Empresa Benfeitora Vila São Cotolengo Equiplex Indústria Farmacêutica contributes through donations of medicines to Vila São Cotolengo, a philanthropic institution that serves and shelters people with multiple disabilities, located in the municipality of Trindade - Go.

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