Corporate Governance

Management that values social responsibility and tradition

The joy of being part of Equiplex motivates me immensely to carry on for many years this great project of company.
Each individual must align personal and professional goals within the company. Only in this way can we achieve excellence in results.

Patrice Perillo Louly



Manufacture injectable medicines guaranteeing compatible quality, meeting the needs of the market, providing profitability and respecting the principles of social and environmental responsibility.


To be one of the largest companies in the segment of injectable drugs, using updated technology, providing fair compensation to its employees and ensuring adequate profitability to its controllers.

Our Values


• Attract the team to the previously defined goal.

Respect for people and the environment

• Pleasant environment;
• Equal treatment for everyone in the company;
• Socio-business responsibility.

We are a team

• Encourage teamwork;
• Always reinforce the Optimistic side.


• Listen;
• Speak;
• Ask;
• Write.

Discipline and Organization

• Comply with Standards and Procedures;
• Health Legislation;
• Laws in force;
• Internal Standards.

Strategic Vision

• Healthy Growth;
• Focus on Result;
• Start;
• Follow Up;
• Finalize


• Standard Enforcement;
• Assure quality;
• Absence of deviations.


Public Sector

Municipalities, States and the Union of the area of activity

Private Sector

Hospitals, Distributors and Veterinary Practices

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