Structure and Equipment

The machines and equipment purchased and installed in Equiplex are quite robust, with high performance and, above all, meet the most stringent standards in force. Therefore, in the line of Large Volume we work with Italian technology for the packaging of Parenteral Solution bottles from 50 to 1000 ml. In the case of the Small Volume line, the technology installed is German, with the principle of operation in Blow Fill and Seal system for 10ml vials. For both production lines, the entire installation reflects on products that excel in quality and excellence in compliance with sanitary legislation. Another area of Equiplex that draws attention to the care and cutting-edge work is the Quality Control, where it has equipment for performing the analyzes with precision, agility and efficiency in the results obtained. Recently, the equipment was acquired to perform a Rapid Sterility Test, that is, with French technology, the ScanRDI that is in the installation phase, surpasses everything that already exists in the market, bringing to Equiplex a strategic position against a test that typically totals a total of 14 days, and can now work with only a few hours to complete the trials, thus translating into more safety for patients and clients using Equiplex products. For what has been reported and other factors that are also being established, is that Equiplex is convinced that 2018 will be a unique year for the company, as it will position itself even more consistently in the market where it operates.

Over 14,000 m² of Built Area

Business partner with over 12 countries

German, Italian, French, Argentine and national technologies

Annual Production with more than 200,000,000 units

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