Equiplex receives representatives from Namibia to discuss international issues

The representatives of Equiplex received, on the afternoon of October 17, the diplomatic delegation of the Namibian Embassy, led by the ambassador in Brazil, Samuel Sheefeni Nuuyoma. One of the subjects discussed was the commercial relations between the pharmaceutical sector and Namibia.

Both parties were interested in building a solid partnership.
The Pres. of Grupo H. Egídio, Mr. Heribaldo Egídio was placed at the disposal of Ambassador Nuuyoma and his team, the entire structure of Equiplex Indústria Farmacêutica Ltda., To consolidate the relationship between the parties.

The presents were:
Gerhard Theron – Namibia Counsellor
Selma Tonata – Third Namibia Secretary
Guido Marco – Superintendent of Tourism of the Prefecture of Aparecida
Ozair José Secretary of Economic Development
Ronaldo Costa – Sup. Promotion of SED Goiás Goiás Government
Marçal Henrique Soares – Exec. President @sindifargo
Emilio Borges
Avilton Avelar Neto
Cornelia Sirio Simon Egídio
Braz Junior
Genivan Alves Macedo

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