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Grupo Equiplex reveals details of the expansion plan

With 400 direct employees, the Goiás industry produces more than 200 million hospital bottles per year
Heribaldo Egídio’s parents wanted him to be a doctor, but he majored in Business Administration and specialized in Organization & Methods. However, the family pride should not be less today due to the lack of a medical degree. Due to his entrepreneurship, he ended up in medicine, but he was one of the largest companies in hospitals in Brazil, Equiplex Indústria Farmacêutica, which is part of the H. Egídio Group, of which he is the chairman of the Board of Directors, leading a team of more than 500 direct employees and more than a thousand indirect ones.

With a portfolio of more than 40 products and a team of 400 employees, Equiplex, which is located in Aparecida de Goiânia, produces more than 200 million units of parenteral solutions per year in large and small volumes, which corresponds today to 10 % of national production. Present in every national market and exporting to Latin America, Equiplex has more than 8 thousand customers inside and outside the country. The company prepares the expansion of its manufacturing plant, incorporating new product lines and increasing production.

“The main capital to undertake is will,” commented EMPREENDER IN GOIÁS while detailing the plans of the new group of six companies, with Equiplex ahead, which will be launched in January next year. The company has today in its factory park the most modern technology in the world. The large volume line uses Italian technology and in the small volume is used German technology (BFS – Low Fill and Seal – Blowing, Packaging and Sealing). In the product line for health / enteral nutrition, national technology is used.

New markets
But Heribaldo Egídio wants to change this and the group’s business plan aims to expand markets (both internal and external), as well as diversify the performance of the H.Egídio Group. Part of the plan (which goes until 2020) is already underway, with a total investment of BRL 40 million. Since last year, Equiplex has a production partnership with a Chinese company to manufacture (in China) a line of health products under the Mediplex brand.
They are products such as needles, syringes, scalp, lancet and equipment – sets for intravenous infusion. “It’s a resumption of what Equiplex did at the outset, when we came up more than 30 years ago. We are investing again in a line of products that revolve the most inside a hospital “, explains Heribaldo Egídio, one of the main businessmen of the pharmaceutical sector of the country. Equiplex was born in 1986, manufacturing and distributing medicines and health products.

With another partner from Argentina, the company is also working with an increase in the monthly production of 3 million ampoules of small volume parenteral solutions. The company aims to grow in the Southern Cone, based on the Argentine partnership. In addition, it develops a new line of pre-diluted injectables in partnership with the ICF (Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, a company that produces pharmaceutical products in Goiás).
All the increase in production looks at Brazil and abroad, from where Heribaldo Egídio has been receiving business surveys from Latin America and from African countries. “About 40% of the Brazilian population still does not have access to medication. So, look at the space we have there to grow. It is no wonder that in the first half of this year, the Goiás pharmaceutical sector grew 10.5% over the same period last year, despite the economic crisis that we face. And this year, our expectation is to close around 14%, “he says, who also heads the sector’s union in Goiás.
Equiplex, whose manufacturing plant is concentrated in the Aparecida, Goiânia and Anápolis axis, has grown even more than the sector in Goiás. This year, Equiplex will grow between 22% and 23% in relation to last year, estimates Egídio, and will continue to grow in the coming years, which attests to the bet on works already underway to expand the plant and a new center of distribution that will be built in an area of 55 thousand square meters next to the current industrial park in Aparecida de Goiânia.

In addition to the international partnerships, the projection of a favorable scenario encouraged the owner of Equiplex to launch new arms inside and outside the sector. The H. Egídio Group has, in addition to Equiplex, five other companies, among them a distributor (Hospdrogas) and a carrier (Transplex). They are companies that were born well, distributing and transporting not only the Equiplex brands, but also serving the market, for now in Goiás and Brasília. “I predict a very good time for Hospdrogas. It will soon be one of the biggest revenues of the group, “believes Egídio.

To complete, the group also has another small distributor (Farmaplex), a human development company (Alos) and a sports equipment (Alpha) acquired last year and located in the United States. Alpha, specializing in the manufacture of trophies, medals and uniforms of the amateur sport in the United States, works in the regions of Miami, Orlando and Tampa. Heribaldo Egídio already traded in the North American market and saw in the company, created in 1981, an opportunity of diversification. “We are excited and we want to expand this business there,” he says. Together, the number of employees in the new group exceeds 500 direct employees and more than 1,000 indirect employees.
Heribaldo Egídio does not rule out other flights, not even the opening of the capital, “as long as I am not a majority shareholder, I will not give it up,” he warns. But until then, it wants to prepare rules of compliance and corporate governance for its companies and to have audited balance sheet. It will be a new and certainly also a long step for the H.Egidio Group.

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